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01.California Yellow Star Thistle Honey
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About Us

Living Sustainably is What We're About

Z Specialty Food, LLC is a family owned and operated gourmet foods business. We set ourselves apart from the crowd by offering products made with simple, natural ingredients; Pure Honey, Dried Fruit, Nuts. Easy. Simple. Delicious. We have maintained a truly genuine level of corporate responsibility toward our customers, suppliers and our environment. The honey business is certainly one of the most inherently environmentally friendly business sectors.
• We don't even produce enough trash to merit having a dumpster!
• We minimize our use of electricity, and recycle everything possible!
• Looking for free scrap paper? Come on by to pick up a couple bundles of our old labels. They are pretty on one side, and blank on the other...
• Drop off your used packing peanuts, styrofoam or bubble wrap with us!
• At least 90% of our packing materials have been recycled at least once!
• We bicycle to work...that's 12 miles each way!
* We garden, recycle and compost with vermiculture at home
* We meticulously conserve energy: Lighting, Water & Air Conditioning/Heating
* We'd love to meet you!

Meet our Team!

Amina Harris ~ Queen Bee

Ishai Zeldner ~ Lead Drone

Josh Zeldner ~ Nectar Director

Daniel 'Eduardo' Rackett ~ Nectar Director

John Paul 'JP' Marcelino De La Paz

In the Beginning, there was Ishai...

 Ishai Zeldner, founder, is a fourth generation food merchant. He worked with a beekeeping operation in Israel while living on Kibbutz Beit HaShita. Sparked with an incredible intrigue for honeybees, he enrolled in apiculture at the University of California at Davis. Ishai's lifelong love of the honeybees and their products brings you Z Specialty Food, LLC. We are proud to support America's farmers and beekeepers, the hard-working suppliers of all of our main ingredients, all from domestic sources!

This is the whole family! From left to right; Amina, an incredibly creative mind who helps maintain our jovial business atmosphere. Josh, recently graduated from the University of Colorado at Boulder, will be putting his education to work with Z Specialty Food. Shoshana joins the business at trade shows and is always eager to help out. Ishai runs operations at Z Specialty Food and is often the renaissance man of the warehouse, performing every task imaginable. He has been honing his multitasking skills throughout his 50+ years of his working life! We each have our favorite product and favorite honey variety!

Spring 2010: Ishai tending our supple backyard garden in Davis, CA! You can see our hives in the background. The honey from these hives is sold to you as 'Chunk Comb'. That is, a jar of honey with a chunk of pure comb honey in liquid honey. It's the best of both worlds and it comes straight from the private selection of Ishai and his bees!

Moon Shine Trading Company began simply with a love for pure and wonderful honeys. In 1979 we started with 180 pounds of pure Yellow Star Thistle, Northern California's finest. Ishai carefully warmed the honey, gently strained it through a fine screen and then proudly bottled the glistening product.

With this tiny beginning, the seed of the Gourmet Honey Collection™ had been planted. During the following years of growth, we scrutinized every honey we could find to include only the purest of our favorites in our Gourmet Honey Collection™. Each honey must meet our rigid criteria for purity of color, bouquet and flavor. Now, many years later, we are still able to marvel at the beauty and simplicity of nature's finest sweet each time we prepare and bottle our honey.

What came next

In 1984, we launched our classic line of Gourmet Butters & Spreads, representing some of the finest spreadables available beginning with our first California Almond Butter (available chunky and smooth). Included in this line is our simple marriage of dried fruit and honey, our Honey Fruit Spreads. We use California Apricots and Montmorency cherries from Michigan for an incredibly fresh and versatile fruit concentrate.

"Honey in the Straw™," is an innovative way to take the Gourmet Honey Collection™ anywhere. Not only does this make a wonderful treat, it is available to you in any quantity you would like! From bulk straws to ornate, personalized gift packaging, we have something that will spice up any event or ocassion!

By combining Guittard chocolate crèmes with our natural Nut Butters, our Chocolate & Vanilla Nut Spread Crèmes were born. A European delicacy from the heart of California...

Cowboy Caviar - The Legacy

You may did we move from honey to Cowboy Caviar, those all natural fresh vegetable spreads?
The long-awaited answer: We have always loved great food. Back in the 1980's when our business had just begun, we met wonderful people who were also venturing into the food business with terrific, not widely distributed, products. Cowboy Caviar was one of these; a product that our family had loved ever since it's beginning. When it came up for sale in the early 2000's, we had a sincere and deep interest in continuing to offer the brand to its many loyal customers.

Keeping it in the Family

Erin Harris, Amina's niece, is an instrumental team member designing our webpage and overall image. We are proud to put her talent to good use. See all of her work at!

Press Releases

Sacramento Bee March 9, 2005

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