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01.California Yellow Star Thistle Honey
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Frequently Asked Questions about Honey:
Almost everybody knows a little about bees...the ladies do all the work, they make honey, they may sting, they help pollinate flowers and crops...almost everyone is fascinated by their industrious social colonies led by a single queen bee.
Having heard similar questions over and over again, we hope to answer some of them here.
• What is ‘crystallization’? And what do we do when it happens?
First: Most honey will crystallize in time. We handle our honey with the utmost care. Never overheated, the honey is gently warmed, strained through a fine screen and bottled. Simply, the less honey is processed the more of its natural characteristics are retained and crystallization is one of those characteristics. In fact, three of our honeys are sold crystallized; Lehua, Desert Garden and Creamy Yellow Star Thistle. Crystallized is the correct word. Not ‘sugared’. Not ‘gone bad’. And, honey doesn’t spoil. Honey has been found in the tombs of ancient Egypt and it was still edible!
What to do? If you prefer honey in a liquid state, warm it slowly in a microwave, place it in a warm oven or in a pan of hot (not boiling) water. Take care not to overheat your honey.
FYI: Much of the honey purchased in a supermarket will not crystallize due to its processing.  High heat and microfilters remove the honey’s beneficial pollen and enzymes and distinct characteristics – but it won’t crystallize!
• How do you get a specific flavor of honey?
First, we ask the beekeeper where the bees were located. We ask about the weather. Different climatic conditions create a different nectar flow and possibly different tasting honey area to area, year to year.
Second, bees will go to the predominantly blooming floral source. Bees communicate through their body movements known as a dance. If the nectar is particularly abundant, they will spread the word through the hive. The worker bees will return to the same area over and over again to collect the nectar.
Third and finally we look, smell and taste it! Years of experience has helped develop our tasting palates to a fine degree. Each honey in its purest form has its own specific color, bouquet and flavor.

ALL of our products are certified Kosher except for Royal Jelly and Beeswax.
Honeys, Nut Butters, Fruit Spreads, Cowboy Caviar are certified parve.
Chocolate & Vanilla Nut Spread Crèmes are certified dairy. 
Links to many certificates available at the product.
Supervision: Kehilla Kosher - Rabbi Avraham Teichman; Igud HaKashrus, Los Angeles

Raves about our products!
• Best Sweet Clover Honey
• Champagne of Honey

 • Island of the Moon, a Z Specialty Division is ranked HIGH in San Francisco Examiner's 'Taster's Choice'.

Slow Food Yolo & Z Specialty Food

We are very excited to support Slow Food. Through the use of local products and creative cooking and education, Slow Food encourages each of us to take time preparing our meals and enjoying them with one another.  What a fabulous way for families to spend time together preparing food and sharing it at table!

In March, 2009 we hosted 50 members of Slow Food Yolo. Crammed around tables in our warehouse, members tried over ten varietal honeys, comb honey and an assortment of cheeses to go with them.  It was a fun and educational event.

In addition, we raised $375 (Through tickets and sales!) for Honey Bee Research at the University of California , Davis . 

To read a bit about the event and see some photos check out this article from the Woodland, CA Daily Democrat.




Help Save the Honey Bees!

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