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01.California Yellow Star Thistle Honey
02.Florida 'Certified' White Tupelo Honey
03.Northwestern Meadowfoam Honey
04.Idaho Snowberry Honey
05.California Orange Blossom Honey
Tasty Recipes
So now that you have possession of one of our delicious products, you want some guidance on how to use it...inspiration, if you will. Here, you will find just that - a cache of recipes to make every taste bud jump for joy; any time, any place, anywhere!

These recipes come straight from my kitchen, and whenever I cook up something new & worthy you will see it here!

If you have discovered a great new use or recipe using our products, send us an email and we will be glad to feature your recipe on our web page!

Happy Baking!

Tasty ways to use . . .HONEY!
How to Bake with Honey
• 2/3 - 3/4 cup honey for each cup of sugar. Because of its high fructose content, honey has higher sweetening power than sugar. You can use less honey than sugar to achieve the desired sweetness!
• Reduce any liquid called for by 1/4 cup for each cup of honey used
• Add ½ teaspoon baking soda for each cup of honey used
• Reduce oven temperature by 25°F to prevent over-browning

Measuring Honey
• Coat the measuring cup or spoon with non-stick cooking spray or vegetable oil before adding the honey. The honey will slide right out
• A 12-ounce jar of honey equals one standard measuring cup
Most natural honeys like ours will crystallize over time. It’s much easier to measure and to spread.

Go to for more info & recipes!

Honey should not be fed to infants under one year of age. Honey is a safe and wholesome food for children and adults.

Try out these recipes
•  Honey Butter

•  Tasty Cheese Appetizer
•  Honey Curried Pecans
•  Chinese Orange Chicken
•  Blueberry Corn Bread

Tasty ways to use . . .

Simple Honey Fruit Spreads, made of dried fruit and honey (nothing else!) work very much like a jam. Not a jam, not a jelly, not a preservative! Their flavor is richer, fruitier and more complex than a simple jam, and you might find yourself using them in dressings, marinades and over ice cream!

Try out these recipes
Gramma Anita’s Rugelach
Warm Brie Appetizer
Grilling Baste
Fruity Salad Dressing

Cream Cheesey Fruit Spread

A European Concept from the Heart of California!

We combine our nut butters (simply nuts) with Guittard chocolate crème for a fantastic duet that will leave you speechless (literally). So delicious on their own, what could you possibly use them to enhance?

How about in a fresh fruit fondue? Ice cream or pie toppings? On your spoon? Begin to spread on a baguette -- No cheating! Oh, go ahead, a little fingerful is okay. . . WAIT! Some of it has to end up on that bread . . . and don’t forget to share ;)

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No Bake Chocolate Cheesecake
Swedish Chocolate Bread
Fruit Fondue
Cream Cheesey Chocolate Spread
Biscuits with a Dab!

Tasty ways to use . . .COWBOY CAVIAR
Versatile -- that’s the word for the Kosher Cowboy

Cowboy Caviar is an all natural conglomeration of all fresh vegetables sauteéd in olive oil. It will add flavor to anything and everything (just don't try it on ice cream!)

Here's a few recommendations...but don't trust us...get creative!
As a condiment: with fish, eggs, chicken and on sandwiches
As a topping: on pizza, crackers, chips or vegetables
As an appetizer: In sautéed mushrooms or with cream cheese

Try out these recipes
• Huevos Rancheros Cowboy Style
• Chicken Ragu

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