Inspired by the industrious honey bee, Z Specialty Food celebrates the exquisite ingredients that nature has to offer through the purest varietal honeys, nut butters, honey fruit spreads, and beehive products

Family owned and operated since 1979, Z Specialty Food is home to Moon Shine Trading Company and Island of the Moon Honey — all based at The HIVE, California’s largest honey and mead tasting room.

Explore 30+ Varietal Honeys & More!

Home of Island of the Moon Apiaries, Moon Shine Trading Company, and The HIVE!

Varietal Honeys

35+ varietal honeys, comb honey and honey in the straw

Nut Butters & Spreads

Almond, cashew, nut crunch and honey fruit spreads

Hive Products

Royal jelly, fresh pollen, propolis, pure US beeswax

Gifts & Merch

An assortment of easy to ship gifts for the honey lover in your life

The HIVE Tasting Room & Kitchen opened in 2021 and is a landmark community gathering space, with a mission to educate and engage visitors in varietal honeys, mead, honey bees, and pollinators. As California’s largest honey and mead tasting room, the HIVE features a honey tasting bar with 30+ varietal honeys, a curated menu of meads and honey fermented beverages and seasonal farm-to-fork dishes.

The HIVE Tasting Room & Kitchen is open Tuesday – Saturday.