The HIVE Tasting Room Kitchen is proud to support our local and seasonal farmers! We use exclusively honey for all items involving added sweeteners.


Teriyaki Chicken Skewers


Charred cabbage-tomato slaw, mac salad

Spätzle Mac and Cheese


Egg noodle dumplings in a creamy blend of cheeses, baked with breadcrumbs

Seasonal Panini


Green beans, feta, tapenade, lemon aioli, local greens

Rainbow Beet Salad


Whipped chevre, shaved fennel, pistachios, bee pollen, cool herbs

Little Gem Salad


Mix of local endives and lettuces, radishes, cherry tomatoes, garlic-honey vinaigrette, seasoned bread crumbs

Heirloom Caprese


Burrata, basil, fennel pollen, balsamic-honey redux

Grilled Cheese


Gouda and Lamb Chopper with Dijon and caramelized onions, served with creamy tomato soup


Mezza Board


Hummus, olives, pickles, crudités, bread

Cheese Board


Honeycomb, fruit spread, seasonal fruit, crostini


Honey Curried Pecans


Spiced and seasoned with local wildflower honey

Fresh Foccacia


Baked in house, whipped honey butter



Grilled corn, lime zest crema, cotija

Cucumber & Watermelon


Shiso, shallot, Tajín, basil oil

Chilled Beet Soup


Créme fraîche, fresh dill, black pepper

Sweet Treats

Shaved Ice


Chocolate & Cherry Sweet Cream or Watermelon Mint Lime

Peach Tart


Meadowfoam honey whipped cream



Strad, Sacramento CA, 7.5% ABV

Meadowfoam Blossom

Heidrun, Point Reyes CA, 12.5% ABV

Mead Tasting Flight

Traditional Strad, Mango Chamomile by Heirophant, Meadowfoam by Heidrun, Coffee Cardamom by Sap House

Mango Chamomile Meadmosa

Hierophant, Mead WA, 6.5% ABV

Lehua Blossom

Heidrun, Point Reyes CA, 12.5% ABV

Lavender Citrus

Hierophant, Mead WA, 12% ABV

Coffee Cardamom

Sap House, Center Ossipee NH, 12% ABV


Hierophant, Mead WA, 6.5% ABV


Star Crystals Honey Lager

Berryessa Brewing, Winters CA, 6% ABV, 16oz

Separation Anxiety IPA

Berryessa Brewing, Winters CA, 6% ABV, 16oz


Sparkling Water


Kombucha – KC Kombucha, Sacramento CA

Blueberry Mint/ Strawberry Lemon/ Stone Fruit

Apple Cider