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12-count Honey Straw Gift Box


Packed in this elegant gift box, we offer four different varietal honeys in the straw, all filled using our own honey, all certified kosher. There are no flavors or colors added, simply pure honey collected by honeybees, showcasing the subtle and not-so-subtle differences from flower to flower.

The Combo Pack contains four gift boxes: one each of the four varietals available in this packaging.

At a total of 12 varieties, there exists no other outlet in the world that offers such a wide array of varietal honey in the straw. All 12 are available in our bulk packaging of 125 and up.

Honey in the Straw is essentially a 7″ clear drinking straw, filled with honey, and heat sealed at both ends. It is an incredibly convenient method of offering a single serving honey option in your restaurant, hotel, cafe, or home. Simply pop, squeeze or cut open and squeeze into your coffee, tea, on your sandwich or directly into your mouth.

A million and one uses for Honey in the Straw:

• Hikers, Bikers, Skiers, Runners, any Athlete: The sugar from honey goes directly into the blood stream for instant gratification

• Kids: Send yours off to school with this healthy, nutritions sweet snack

• Coffee and Tea Shops and Aficionados: A quality, natural alternative to sugar cubes and substitutes

• Gift Baskets: Either individually or in gift boxes, everyone gets excited about honey straws

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Combo Pack / 1, Gift Box / 1, Gift Box / 12