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3-Jar Gift Box Chocolate Nut Spreads (Surprise Assortment)


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This Moon Shine Trading Company three-jar gift box includes an assortment of three of our Chocolate and Vanilla Nut Spreads in their 2.5 ounce size, in addition to a recipe sheet offering some handy tips on what to do with these decadent little spreads. We will choose which to include.

This is the perfect instant gift for every chocolate lover in your life. Think Nutella, but a million times creamier, and made with real food.

Pro Tips for the Chocolate Fiend:

  • Indulge as a pairing to fruits such as cherries, or enjoy straight out of the jar (we promise not to tell)
  • Serve on ice cream
  • Use as a dip for butter cookies
  • Spread on toast or a warm croissant
  • Warm and serve as fondue with fresh fruit
  • Use as a filling for cakes, cookies, breads and other baked goods
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