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Hawaiian Christmas Berry


Wintertime brings a special glow to the volcanic forests on the Big Island of Hawaii when bright red berries adorn the Christmas Berry bush. Originally from Brazil, the plant took root on the fertile soil of Hawaii and grew into great abundance. Christmas Berry produces a truly wonderful and versatile honey!

The Gourmet Honey Collection™ has chosen Christmas Berry Honey because of its overall versatility with a characteristic butterscotch flavor. Perfect for any use, the complex flavor profile includes notes of dried fig and plum, and a subtle warm spice. Share some Hawaiian Christmas Berry honey for the holidays, or celebrate a mini tropical holiday year round while enjoying a mouthful!

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2.5oz Honey / 1, 2.5oz Honey / 12, 9oz Honey / 1, 16oz Honey / 1, 1 Gallon (12lb) Honey, 5 Gallon (60lb) Honey