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California Buckeye Golden Reserve Varietal Honey


While walking among the foothills of northern California’s Sierra and Coastal mountain ranges in the spring, one might first notice the California Buckeye by its sweet scent. The fragrant blossoms of this handsome tree are found in impressive spires of dense white flower clusters.

This honey glows with a reddish hue. The flavor begins with a delicate caramel and finishes in a pleasant malty flavor.

Every now and again, honeybees gather rare and delightful nectars, transforming them into amazing honeys. We at Z Specialty Food take delight in sharing these unusual varietals from throughout the world in our Golden Reserve Varietal Honey Collection.

*Please note: It is known that both the pollen and nectar of the California Buckeye tree are toxic to the European honeybee when it is among the only forage available. Usually, Buckeye blooms along with many other wildflowers diminishing its potency. However, at some times during the blossoming period, it is the only nectar source available! An unknowing beekeeper allowed his bees to harvest from the enticing blossoms and lost many bees. The magic of this sad situation, is that the beekeeper harvested a honey that we never expected to taste and one that we don’t expect to see ever again. We are excited to offer this extremely rare honey while our supply lasts. Please understand that encouraging bees to harvest from the California Buckeye is not a practice of ours, nor something that we would recommend. However, the honey is absolutely delicious and perfectly safe for consumption!

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9oz Honey / 1, 1 Gallon (12lb) Honey, 5 Gallon (60lb) Honey