California Eucalyptus


Stately Eucalyptus trees line California roadsides. Feathery flowers on these trees are abundant; pink, red, white and creamy yellow. Each variety of eucalyptus produces a different honey flavor. (Australia has entire stores dedicated to the variety of Eucalyptus honeys produced!) Ours, collected throughout northern California’s Bay Area, is dark and mineral rich with a smooth butterscotch flavor and a hint of tobacco and tea. It provides for a rare winter-time nectar source for California’s honeybees.

Most of the plants that we consider to be “invasive” today were brought to America to serve a purpose.  California’s eucalyptus trees are no exception—they were sourced from Australia to provide a fast growing timber source. Now, these handsome trees have become a major part of California’s ecosystems, giving monarch butterflies a much-needed place to gather on their annual migrations, lining many roadsides, and exuding their highly sought-after fresh menthol scent.

*California Eucalyptus has become increasingly difficult to produce. We apologize for the limited offering of container size, but we are almost out!

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