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California Eucalyptus Gourmet Varietal Honey


Stately Eucalyptus trees line California roadsides. Feathery flowers on these trees are abundant, in shades of pink, red, white and creamy yellow. Each variety of Eucalyptus produces a different flavor of honey; (Australia has entire stores dedicated to the variety of Eucalyptus honeys produced). Ours, collected throughout California’s San Francisco Bay Area, is dark and mineral rich with a smooth butterscotch flavor and a hint of tobacco and tea. It provides for a rare winter-time nectar source for California’s honeybees.

Most of the plants that we consider to be “invasive” today were brought to America to serve a purpose. California’s Eucalyptus trees are no exception, they were sourced from Australia to provide a fast-growing timber source. Now, these handsome trees have become a major part of California’s ecosystems, giving monarch butterflies a much-needed place to gather on their annual migrations, lining many roadsides, and exuding their highly sought-after fresh menthol scent.

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