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California Orange Blossom Gourmet Varietal Honey


As you open a jar of our California Orange Blossom Varietal Honey, picture yourself standing in a grove of blossoming orange trees in Southern California. The season is late spring, the sun is golden and the air is filled with a wonderful, sweet scent: citrus in bloom.

No other smell in the world is as fragrant and elegant. It’s no wonder that orange blossoms are traditionally used in wedding bouquets for their association with good fortune and aphrodisiac-like qualities.

With a gorgeous aroma and bouquet, this honey’s taste is true to the scent of its blossoms, and plays with notes of jasmine on a summer’s evening. Golden light shimmers through this translucent honey like California sunshine as it’s drizzled onto toast or into tea. It’s one of the finest selections in our Moon Shine Trading Company catalog; it’s classic California.