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California Pomegranate


In the spring, pomegranate lovers across California rejoice as the trees’ beautiful red blossoms decorate backyards across the vast Central Valley. Honeybees are also rejoicing, as they love the pomegranate flowers’ rich and fragrant nectar! A wonderful sight is to see three, four and more honeybees pushing their way into the center of the same bright red bloom. They are voracious!

The essence of this tart, juicy fruit is well represented in our California Pomegranate honey.  One of our most popular Golden Reserve Honeys, this deep mahogany-hued honey boasts playfully subtle notes of grenadine, a hint of root beer and dried fruit.

Every now and again, honeybees gather rare and delightful nectars, transforming them into amazing honeys. We take delight in sharing these unusual varietals from throughout the world in our Golden Reserve Honey Collection.



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9oz Honey / 1, 1 Gallon (12lb) Honey, 5 Gallon (60lb) Honey