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California Toyon Golden Reserve Varietal Honey


Our California Toyon Golden Reserve Varietal Honey (also known as Christmas Berry, although not to be confused with our Hawaiian Christmas Berry) is like a smoky and nutty complex cup of coffee. Starting out with a sharp brightness, the flavor mellows to toasted, aromatic hazelnuts.

Toyon, a California native plant, is perfectly suited to grow throughout the state. Known for its bright red winter berries and gorgeous white blossoms, Toyon feeds many insects, hummingbirds and wildlife.

Every now and again, honeybees gather rare and delightful nectars, transforming them into amazing honeys. We at Z Specialty Food delight in sharing these unusual varietals from throughout the world in our Golden Reserve Varietal Honey Collection.

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24oz Honey / 1, 3oz Honey / 1, 9oz Honey / 1, 1 Gallon (12lb) Honey, 5 Gallon (60lb) Honey