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Wildflower Raw Comb Honey


An intricate waxen comb dripping with honey showcases the art of the bees. The perfect hexagonal cells hold pure honey that is raw, unheated and unfiltered. We work with beekeepers who understand how important honey is to the life of a bee. This labor-intensive art involves selecting the finest, fullest, freshest honeycomb from the beehive, leaving plenty of their own honey for the bees. A unique blend of wildflower blossom nectar, this Comb Honey is brought to you from throughout the rolling hills and mountains of the United States.

This perfect four-inch square piece is showcased neatly in an elegant clear box with an original floral watercolor label by our graphic design artist and cousin, Erin Harris. This 14-ounce comb honey makes for the perfect naturally sweet gift.

  • Serve with sharp cheese, fresh fruit, and charcuterie
  • Spread on fresh bread, muffins, pancakes and waffles
  • Take a step back in time: Place a chunk in your mouth and savor nature’s original chewing gum
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6oz Comb / 1, 14oz Comb / 1

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