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California Yellow Star Thistle Gourmet Varietal Honey ~ Creamy


Yellow Star Thistle Honey is the first varietal ever offered in the Gourmet Honey Collection. Back in the late 1970’s, founder Ishai Zeldner fell in love with this honey while keeping bees in Northern California. He gifted this honey to friends everywhere until he realized he could no longer afford to. And with that realization, Moon Shine Trading Company was born.

Yellow Star Thistle makes an excellent creamed (or whipped) honey. The liquid honey is blended with tiny crystals to create a rich, honey that is so easy to spread, dissolves instantly in hot coffee or tea, and best of all…no spills.

With a flavor like candy, Yellow Star Thistle Honey comes from the small fuzzy flowers growing throughout Northern California. Though the plant is considered a weed, our Yellow Star Thistle honey was named the “champagne of honeys” by the staff at Food and Wine magazine. Our Star Thistle Honey has also received praise from Saveur magazine, who declared it one of America’s finest honeys.

Beekeepers who understand the value of this honey vie for hive locations near the densest stands of star thistle’s bountiful yellow blossoms. The light, candy-sweet flavor highlights subtle tones of banana and crème brulee. It’s wonderful for baking, adding to the subtle flavors of cakes, cookies, and pastries. Also available as a creamed (or whipped) honey.

Pure Yellow Star Thistle honey is increasingly hard to find, and we are excited to offer this exceptional honey as part of our Gourmet Honey Collection.

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