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Moon Shine Trading Company Fresh Bee-Gathered Pollen


We take pride in offering the absolutely best-tasting fresh bee pollen we’ve ever come across. It comes in four different flavors.

Valley Blossom Wildflower

Collected from many different floral sources throughout high-altitude regions of Colorado and Montana, we are proud to offer this sweet, nutty fresh bee-collected pollen. Consider sprinkling some atop your smoothie or latté.

Fall Fantasia

Collected in late summer and early fall, Fall Fantasia Pollen is characterized by its intense orange color and exceptional, tart and sweet citrusy flavor. Fall Fantasia is the most challenging varietal to source of all of our bee pollen.


Rocky Mountain Wildflower

Fresh from Colorado, this pollen is collected at high altitude between 8 and 10,000 feet, in the pesticide-free meadows of the Rocky Mountains. This varietal pollen has an aromatic, sweet flavor and offers pollen highlighted by bright colors; usually golden, yellow and purple.


Spring Bouquet

As life bursts through the earth’s crust, springtime brings new wildflowers to the landscape. Spring Bouquet pollen is bright yellow in color and offers a sweet, fruity flavor that is a favorite around the hive here on our yogurt and granola.


Suggested Usage & Dosage of Fresh Bee Pollen

We suggest starting out eating about a teaspoon a day, working up to as much as your body and diet will allow. Common dosage is about one tablespoon per day, although some of our diehard fans have been known to ingest a full 8 ounce package in a single day.

Fresh, bee-collected pollen is a unique product. Honeybees return to their hives with furry legs full of this flower power to be eaten as their main source of protein.

Humans consume bee pollen for a variety of effects, most notably an increased libido and a general increase in energy. Bee pollen is a rare source of naturally occurring Vitamin B12. When kept refrigerated or frozen, our fresh bee pollen remains potent and delicious for over a year.

If you have tasted pollen before and noted an intense bitter flavor, you will be delightfully surprised by our great-tasting bee-gathered pollen. All of our fresh bee pollen is certified kosher.

Warning: approximately five percent of the population shows an allergic reaction upon contact with bee pollen.

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