Fresh Royal Jelly

The name royal jelly conjures a certain mystique; it is highly regarded as a superfood. High in protein, amino acids, minerals and enzymes, royal jelly gets its name because it is the sole food of the queen bee. It is also fed to all honeybees as they develop within their cells.

But there’s a difference. Once the worker bees emerge from their cells, they are fed a combination of pollen and honey while the queen bee continues to eat only royal jelly, nourishing her to outlive  worker bees up to sixty times over, causing them to lay up to 2,000 eggs per day, and occupy a physical body about twice her size. People enjoy using our royal jelly regularly for many of these same benefits; general energetic boosts, fertility and virility.

Many of our loyal customers consider our royal jelly the most potent and effective they’ve ever had. Royal jelly has a distinctive sour flavor; it is not sweet, as the name and relation to honey might suggest. Many of our customers like to blend our fresh royal jelly with honey and bee pollen to create a superfood mixture as part of their daily routine.

We pay special attention to our Fresh Royal Jelly shipments to ensure that they get to you in the quickest and safest manner possible to maintain freshness. When you order Fresh Royal Jelly, you will receive your order either by UPS Overnight or UPS 2-Day shipping, depending on where you live. Additional costs for expedited shipping are already included in the product cost. Please choose Ground Shipping at checkout.

What’s all the hype?

  • Topically, Royal Jelly increases collagen production and promotes wound healing
  • Contains 17 amino acids, with eight of them being essential amino acids
  • The queen bee’s lifespan can be 60 times longer than a normal worker bee
  • Can promote overall well-being, energy, and a stronger immune system
  • Royal Jelly cannot be created synthetically by humans
  • Contains 15 percent aspartic acid, important for memory, tissue growth, muscle and cell regeneration

Suggested dosage:

Many of our customers start with eating around one teaspoon per day, sometimes working up to consuming a tablespoon at a time, multiple times daily. There is no evidence of the potential for an overdose of Fresh Royal Jelly.