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Hawaiian Creamy Lehua Gourmet Varietal Honey


Found amidst warm breezes, thundering ocean waves, tropical flora and fauna, and towering volcanoes, feathery red Lehua blossoms decorate the lush Hawaiian countryside as it blooms on the O’hia tree. In Hawaiian lore, this flowering branch is used as an offering to the fire goddess Pele, to pacify her fierce and fiery temperament.

This same blossom, with its quiet power to quell a volcano, is the source of this luxurious honey.  With a flavor profile exclusively tropical, our Hawaiian Lehua honey is reminiscent of bananas foster, with hints of guava, mango, and a delicate floral note. Entirely unique in flavor, color and aroma, this honey crystalizes into a creamy texture perfect for spreading.

It’s no wonder that Sunset Magazine placed our Hawaiian Lehua honey in their Top 5 West Coast Honeys! Check out the April 2014 issue to see three of our honeys standing proudly in their Top 5 list.  There you will also find our Northwestern Meadowfoam, and Idaho Snowberry honeys!

*If you are purchasing a 5 gallon bucket and want to brew with this honey, please let us know in the ‘Comments’ section at checkout if you’d like this liquid, rather than crystallized/creamy!

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