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Honey Flavor & Aroma Tasting Wheel


Published by the U.C. Davis Honey & Pollination Center in 2014, the Honey Flavor & Aroma Tasting Wheel is a revolutionary tool in the business of tasting and describing varietal honeys.

Professional tasters from across the world came together through months of research to compile this highly-regarded tasting aid, which will now join the better-known coffee and wine wheels.

Use the honey wheel to help you and your friends describe the bonanza of flavor happening in your mouths. Host a honey tasting, allowing all to meditate on each honey and have an opportunity to describe exactly what taste is happening for you. This tool will prove endlessly useful to the varietal honey enthusiast. Comes with a protective envelope.

We know better than anyone; we use it here to write our own honey descriptions.

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1 Wheel, 10 Wheels

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