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Mexican Coffee Blossom


Coffee Honeys vary from one another almost as much as the terroir of each type of coffee bean. As our first honey imported from outside of the US, we are sure it is worth the effort! Traditionally called Cafetál, this variety of honey translates as ‘Coffee Garden Honey’. Since coffee plantations require a variety of plants and trees to help shade the coffee trees, the honey is a blend of whichever plants are blooming during the coffee bloom.

Coffee blossoms are creamy white, delicate, and sweet. An abundance of these beautiful blossoms indicates a bountiful coffee bean harvest, and also sends the bees on a frenzy to gather the clear nectar.

Our Coffee Blossom Honey, unique to Chiapas, Mexico, yields a bold coffee flavor balanced by an earthy profile of licorice, cacao, and fig.

Every now and again, honeybees gather rare and delightful nectars, transforming them into amazing honeys. We take delight in sharing these unusual varietals from throughout the world in our Golden Reserve Honey Collection.

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9oz Honey / 1, 1 Gallon (12lb) Honey, 5 Gallon (60lb) Honey

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