Northwestern Fireweed


In the shadowy volcanic peaks of Mount Hood and Mount Rainier, beautiful masses of Fireweed bloom from late June throughout the first frosts. The striking red-purple flowers cover the verdant Western hillsides of the Cascade Mountains. The name Fireweed derives from a peculiar characteristic of the plant. After a forest has been burned or cut, the sun can shine onto the once-shadowed earth. The first plant to bloom is the tall spike of Fireweed, visual evidence of the forest’s tenacity and re-birth. Within two years, carpets of magenta Fireweed will take over. In time, as the new forest begins to grow, the Fireweed recedes.

Crisp with a subtle spiciness, our Fireweed Honey is prized for its light color and sublime flavor. Our longtime parter in fighting the good fight, Zingerman’s “Guide to Good Eating” praises our Fireweed Honey for its’ ‘elegant flavor and delicate notes…a satiny texsture and surprisingly fruity flavor!’

Due to the environmental factors around the production of Fireweed Honey, we were out of stock of this fan favorite for 7 years…until now! Get it while it lasts, this is not a honey we can expect to have in stock forever.

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