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Northwestern Meadowfoam Gourmet Varietal Honey


Our Meadowfoam Honey is quickly becoming a household favorite, thanks to its radically unique flavor and aroma profile of both cupcakes baking and marshmallows toasting. Hints of vanilla toffee ride out a smooth and lingering finish. With all of this flavor and complexity, our Meadowfoam Honey is prized by chefs, brewers, mead-makers, and honey enthusiasts worldwide.

Cultivated in central Oregon, and also native to California, this native flower’s white and yellow blossoms cover the coastal valleys, foothills, and mountains with a creamy, floral foam.

We are crazy about this honey, but don’t just take our word for it — Sunset Magazine rated our Northwestern Meadowfoam honey number one in their ‘Top 5 West Coast Honeys’ list. Search for a copy of the April 2014 issue of Sunset Magazine to see three of our honeys in their Top 5 list, including Hawaiian Lehua and Idaho Snowberry.

Note: The stunning original watercolor on this jar is by our very talented graphic designer and cousin, Erin Harris.

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