1oz *High Potency* Propolis Tincture


Propolis is a natural antibiotic

Our High Potency Propolis Tincture is a 50% solution of pure propolis with 50% neutral grain spirits. Most propolis tinctures available have no more than 20% propolis! This means that a little will go a long way with our product. And…our newest batch has been made with Non-GMO Neutral Grain Spirits!

• Propolis Tincture creates a protective coating over the affected area while healing at the same time!

• 3-4 drops should be enough to soothe most sore throats, open cuts & sores in the mouth and on the skin

• Over 200 doses per 1oz bottle!

What is Propolis?

Propolis is a magical, sticky, gummy and resinous material collected by honey bees from the buds and bark of trees and shrubs. The bees use this material to fill cracks, fortify their hive and coat the entire inside to protect it from invasion.  Similarly, when taken as a tincture, propolis will cover an infected area (sore throat, cut in mouth, cut on skin) with a protective coating while healing at the same time. In our office & warehouse, it’s an essential element of our first aid kit.

Propolis has been known to be a healing substance since ancient times; Aristotle mentions propolis in his “Story of the Animals”  and considered it to be a useful remedy for wounds, infections and skin ailments. The recognized antibiotic and antibacterial properties of propolis benefit the bees and their hive in a myriad of ways. Other uses for propolis have included ointments for treating burns, cuts, wounds, and even warts!


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