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Moon Shine Trading Co. Roasted Cashew Butter


The shrubby Cashew Tree is cultivated mostly in tropical India as well as parts of South America and Africa. Tiny red flowers bloom on the evergreen. As they fade, the cashew apple begins to form. Embedded on the end of this fruit grows the developing nut. The juicy red and yellow apple is delicious fresh. In Brazil, the juice is fermented into Cajú Wine!

The nut is picked off the cashew apple, dried in the shell, and enjoyed throughout the world. Our Moon Shine Trading Co. Cashew Butter is made from large nuts, roasted gently and ground to creamy smoothness.

To bring out the true essence of the cashew, we roast and grind these perfect nuts into a special blend of chunky or smooth. The final product is pure Moon Shine Trading Co. California Cashew Butter!

Notes for the Nut Butter Enthusiast:

• For a snack: Arrange slices of fresh, crisp apples on a platter around a small bowl of Nut Butter…then dip away!

• For lunch: Spread a Nut Butter liberally on a slice of bread, then top with thick sliced bananas and a drizzle of honey!

• No Salt, Sugar or Stabilizers added. This product will separate naturally, with its’ oil collecting on top. Simply stir from the bottom with a stiff butter knife

• Refrigerating your nut butter is not necessary, but will minimize oil separation

• Try one of our nut butters paired with one of our Honey Fruit Spreads for ‘The Adult PB&J”

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2.5oz Nut Butter / 1, 2.5oz Nut Butter / 12, 7oz Nut Butter / 1, 1 Gallon (7.5lb) Nut Butter