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Southwestern Mesquite Gourmet Varietal Honey


When spring arrives, the arid Arizona landscape bursts into a dynamic rainbow of life. This creamy honey is a naturally light and floral blend of mesquite blossoms with hints of cat claw, prickly pear and acacia.

In the early frontier days of the mid-1800s, settlers depended on the beans from the mesquite tree as a primary food source. For hundreds of years, this drought-tolerant tree also provided food and important medicinal support for the native people of this land.

Just as early Americans depended on the mesquite tree for food, the bees depend on it for its clear, sweet nectar. The resulting honey is light yet complex, a dance of subtle floral and herbal notes. Our Southwestern Mesquite Honey crystallizes quickly, bringing a smooth, spreadable taste of Southwestern spring to your dining table.

(If you are purchasing a five-gallon bucket and want to brew with this honey, please let us know in the comments section at checkout if you’d like this liquid, rather than crystallized/creamy.)


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