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Moon Shine Trading Company Tart Cherry Fruit Spread

Moon Shine Trading Co. Honey Tart Cherry Fruit Spread


Cherries herald the arrival of summer when their deep red color glow like jewels from within the leafy branches of their trees. The simple act of eating cherries brings back memories of climbing in the low-seated branches, hiding up in the boughs and feasting on the delicious fruit! Or perhaps you recall that day your mother brought the first cherries of summer home…and then there is the fabulous taste of tart cherry pie…

Our Moon Shine Trading Co. Tart Cherry Honey Fruit Spread captures those moments by combining dried Montmorency cherries with all natural honey to create a product that founder Ishai Zeldner is willing to call, “His Favorite”. All natural and kosher.

Simple Elegance: Tips for the Honey Fruit Spread Lover

• Blend with vanilla yogurt to make the perfect fruit salad dressing

• Blend with cream cheese, and serve with sharp cheeses, charcuterie, olives & crackers!

• Use our Honey Fruit Spreads in your marinade for some serious grilling

• Our Honey Fruit Spreads are the perfect No-Sugar-Added, Raw, alternative to Jam. Use it everyday on toast!

• Lather on toast with any of our Natural Nut Butters for the real deal: The Big Kids’ PB&J

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2.5oz Spread / 1, 2.5oz Spread / 12, 9oz Spread / 1, 15oz Spread / 1, 1 Gallon (10lb) Honey Fruit Spread