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Wildflower Chunk Comb Honey – 9 oz jar

Chunk Comb Honey ~ Straight from the hive!



Davis CombYou know what you want; you want local. You want some honeycomb, but not too much. You want the good stuff; that sweet, golden, gooey honey, and just a little bit of comb to chew on while you contemplate the finer intricacies of life; and whether or not to grow that beard…

Well, good philosopher, look no further. Harvested personally by founder Ishai Zeldner from our backyard hives in Davis, a large chunk of comb honey is delicately lowered into a jar of rich wildflower honey. This is the ultimate combination, perfect for your favorite one-of-a-kind thinker (even if that happens to be you).




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9oz Honey / 1

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