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Wildflower Round Comb Honey – 8 ounce round box

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Comb Honey ~ Straight from the hive!


Our Moon Shine Trading Co. 8 ounce Wildflower Round Comb Honey perfectly displays the wonder and magic that is the honeybees’ work. Round sections are placed in the hive. Bees work diligently to make the wax, while drawing out perfectly-shaped hexagon cells. Workers fill each cell with nectar, which slowly matures to honey and is capped over for storage. The magic is complete and the comb is never touched by human hands until it is removed from the hive for your enjoyment.

  • Serve with sharp cheese, fresh fruit, and charcuterie
  • Spread on fresh bread, muffins, pancakes and waffles
  • Take a step back in time: Place a chunk in your mouth and savor nature’s original chewing gum
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8oz Round / 1