Z’s Recipe Tips for Baking: Substitute Sugar with…HONEY!

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How to Bake with Honey

  • Use 3/4 cup honey for each cup of sugar:
    Due to its high fructose content, honey has higher sweetening power than sugar.
  • Reduce any liquid called for by 1/4 cup for each cup of sugar replaced
  • If the recipe doesn’t already include baking soda, add 1/4 teaspoon baking soda for each cup of sugar replaced
  • Reduce oven temperature by 25°F to prevent over-browning

For Example…

  • Your recipe calls for 1/2 Cup Sugar. 3/4 Cup Honey / 2 = 3/8 Cup Honey
  • Use 3/8 Cup Honey instead of 1/2 Cup Sugar

Here is a detailed page for you to read and download: Baking with Honey by Z Specialty Food.

Measuring Honey

  • Coat the measuring cup or spoon with non-stick cooking spray or vegetable oil before adding the honey. The honey will slide right out
  • Honey is 1.5 times heavier than water. That means a jar that holds 8 ounces of water, will hold 12 ounces of honey!

Go to www.honey.com for more info & recipes!

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