Bees on Almonds

“In the beginning there was nothing,

which exploded.”

                                                              ~ Terry Pratchett

Although it may seem like we have been slackin’ off around here, we’ve actually been busy putting together this awesome new website! We realized long ago that our old website was outdated and not particularly user friendly and, since our business exists to serve YOU, that just wasn’t right!

We are proud to offer this sleek new website designed & programmed by a local artist named Ted Angel (he comes highly recommended, duh!). Our own Josh Zeldner took all of our new product photography thanks to the help of his fancy shmancy camera and Foldio2, a Kickstarter-funded pop up photo studio.

You may also notice new label designs, new varieties of honey, new products, and our very first Beeswax Candle, sporting a retro label that features our OG (original gangsta’) Moon Shine Trading Company logo from 1980!

So much to explore, take a moment to peruse all that we have to offer and drop us a line if you have any questions, comments, concerns, or really odd dreams that you just need to talk to someone about (especially if they involve honey).

Oh yeah, until at least the end of March 2017, we’ll be offering 15% OFF (input code LAUNCH2017 at checkout) your orders…and for the foreseeable future FREE SHIPPING on orders over $75!

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